Voices: A Sense of Insight

Coal Oil Point Reserve: Cristina Sandoval.


As in an ant’s nest where some workers may never leave the mold growing chambers, we humans have created such a specialized society that some members may never get to be in nature. Yet, unlike ants, we are not genetically programmed to do specialized tasks that keep us permanently indoors. Each of us has the need to be part of, and in nature.

Our ancestors grew food, hunted, played in the bushes and rivers, and felt the most peace when they understood the natural cycles of the wild. I am the happiest and most peaceful when I am in nature. I love to sit quietly and watch how other creatures live their lives. It always amazes me how similar we are to them, even insects. It is a special day when I meet a new species or get to know an animal’s personality. Giving a species or the individuals of that species a name means one has developed a level of intimacy that is very rewarding. You have come to know them. People love what they know and protect what they love, but it all starts by watching nature. We just have to open our eyes.

It is everyone’s right to feel the enjoyment of watching and being in nature. This website is a very important tool to give people this opportunity. I hope you navigate through it and visit as many of the places revealed here as possible.


Sands Beach