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Arroyo Hondo

There is something about open land—about wildplaces, miles of coastline, farmland and endless rolling pasture—that brings solace, calm and renewal. Open spaces that nurture our soul, capture our hearts, and provide a learning ground and quiet respite from our otherwise hectic lives.

The same landscapes provide a backdrop for wildlife to survive, ranchers and farmers to grow our food, school groups to learn, and you to enjoy. In Santa Barbara County, we are fortunate to be surrounded by productive farms and ranches, dramatic coastlines and rolling hills. These places are our heritage. They define our identity—past, present and future. (The Land Trust for Santa Barbara County).

We couldn't have said it better, but there's a catch: the Land trust and many other organizations rely on volunteers for much of their good work. Their challenge is your opportunity. Sign up a class or group of families for a few days or weeks of volunteer restoration work. You might even consider an informal internship.

And so in the spirit of this program it would be an oversight if we didn't hook you up with an organization that puts dirt beneath your fingernails ...

For more information and opportunities, check out the links on this page, but also visit the Centers and Reserves sections of the site as well. Please contact us if you feel your organization should be listed here.

Opportunities to Get Involved

The Children & Nature Network

Link in with a national community who are
working to reconnect children with nature ...

A Statement on Community

Recognizing that bioregions are comprised of interwoven social and economic components, we would like to support cooperation among agencies and organizations whose purpose it is to educate and inform people of all ages about this bioregion ...Tab