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Geoeducation encourages educational adventures. Capturing the spirit of a great expedition in your own backyard, excited participants bring home enthusiastic tails of wildlife encounters, and of extraordinary landscapes experienced. They return with fresh knowledge and their stories tell of connections made with nature, and memories made with family and friends. This motivates others to enjoy the same.

Geoeducation supports the concept of sustainable life—that landscapes should remain unspoiled for future generations and that human activity should generate revenue that supports conservation.


Geoeducation is outdoor activity that connects participants to the character of a place, its environment, biodiversity, culture, and heritage, while promoting the wellbeing of participants and nurturing in them a desire to care for that place.

Geoeducation relies on physical activity, environmental education, natural history interpretation and nature journaling to connect people to a sense of place, in the process emphasizing the distinctiveness and balance of the bioregion. These elements work together to create an experience greater than the sum of its parts.


Geoeducation educates participants while investing economically in the landscapes and livelihoods of those who call the bioregion home. Geoeducation not only relies on integrity of place, but supports that integrity, seeking out local businesses who can outfit and train participants because they are invested in the bioregion.

In return, local stakeholders who benefit from those economic returns appreciate and protect the value of those assets. Geoeducation also partners with others working in environmental education.