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Bike Trails: Info & Descriptions

Goleta Beach Geocache

Download a few geocache waypoints, hook up with your nearest bike path and head
down to Goleta Beach for winter shorebird-watching, swimming and journaling. Plan to do this
two or three times for
maximum beneift.

Lesson: Wetlands


Carpinteria Caper

Connect with this trail from the Santa Barbara beachfront and
parallel Highway 101 to coastal Carpinteria for one or two nights camping in the state park. Visit
the salt marsh, do some geocaching, swimming
and journaling.

Lesson: Marine Environments


El Capitan Sunset Cruise

Plan to do this six-mile return
ride on it's own while camping
at the state park, or as part of a
weekend spent kayaking, nature trailing and cycling. Opportunity
to connect with creekside
habitat, marine life and
Chumash history.

Lesson: Fog Rolls In


Nojoqui Falls Rumble

This five-mile ride can become
ten if you start at, and return to
the Santa Ynez River Bridge in Solvang. After passing the
golf course and historic Alisal Ranch, meander through
beautiful oak woodland.
Includes a 'steepish' climb.

Lesson: Symbiosis


Santa Ynez River Ride

Follow the river from Lompoc
to Buelton or vice-versa, enjoy
the gorgeous rolling vistas on
a premier cycling route.
Includesthree short climbs
but mostly flat. Can be done
while camping at Jalama
Beach, Lompoc or in Buelton.

Lesson: Sustainable Agriculture