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Jonathan Tourtellot of National Geographic created the concept of Geotourism, which is defined
as “tourism that sustains or enhances the geographical character of a place—its environment,
culture, aesthetics, heritage, and the well-being of its residents.” It could be said that Geoeducation
is outdoor activity that connects participants to the character of a place, its environment,
biodiversity, culture, and heritage, while promoting the wellbeing of participants.

Cliff House

This is the center of operations for educational curricula and we've kept it simple
by producing an
engaging guidebook that is available in a single click! We hope it serves you well, but please provide feedback. Experienced teachers will be able to make important suggestions for its improvement.

With so many excursions linked from the Journeys section, it made sense to collate the lessons into a single document that could be printed out for year-long use. You can check in to hiddencorner.us for
the trail guides, but just flip through your handy dandy binder for the associated lessons.

Also linked here is a comprehensive education guide to Coal Oil Point Reserve. It includes information on common birds, their feeding morphology and nature journaling. Use this for all Coal Oil Point visits, and don't forget to watch the Snowy Plover documentary linked to the Conservation page ... COPR Guide TabEggs

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Environmental Education

Education can mean different things ...
Parents, guides, homeschoolers and educators
might use this website with a view to education,
but their aims will vary, not to mention their views
about what education should be.

Various movements and events gave birth to modern day environmental education. Knowing something about the history can provide context. This project has taken the approach that strong and lasting impressions occur when at least two of the three primary approaches are combined.

Please read on to see how this has informed
the Hidden Corner program ...