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Fitness: Our Navy Seal Program




If participants apply themselves to it, this program can get them fit and keep them there, or provide an excellent base for more lengthy
or specialized training should they wish to progress further. Especially appealing is the fact that it can be adjusted to engage a wide range
of participants, from young children through Type A athletes-in-the-making!

The program is divided into three-week sections with a personal fitness challenge at the end of each period. This helps both gauge and motivate progress. Group leaders can use these challenges to engender esprit de corps. Make a splash–complete the challenge, take them out for pizza and throw in a memento. At the end of eight weeks consider giving each participant a T-shirt. We have a design available for download and use. You can order the T-shirts online or at a local outlet.

The Zero to Hero curve is fairly steep, topping out at 15 weeks, but you have the convenient option of spending extra time at any level. Some heroes are late bloomers! You may also wish to operate continually at a selected level without progressing any higher. Always keep in mind that a program with a well-determined start, middle and end date is almost always going to produce better results than a program-without-end.

Many might find the idea of exercising six days a week laughable, but participants also have the option of dropping one activity or more a week,
or of doing two on one day, or even two on two days, thereby making for just four days of workouts per week! Keep in mind that California state PE standards require 400 minutes of activity every 10 days.

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