Scuffed shoes and a frog in the hand ...


Rambles: Info & Directions


Coal Oil Point

Enjoy a ramble along the beach and slough. Restored habitat, shorebirds, vernal pools and the Snowy Plover.

Lesson: Wetlands


El Capitan Creek

Tread lightly beneath giant old sycamore trees, swing into the creek and journal at its beautiful mouth.

Lesson: Owl Food Chain


Tecolote Creek

Examine the little system that this creek is a part of, identify a few of its birds and then explore intertidal life.

Lesson: Ecological Survey


Figueroa Mountain

Hike one or two short trails and explore the limits of the oak woodland's range. A great option for wintry fun.

Lesson: Oak Communities


Jalama Beach

Tackle a hike between cliffs and surf. Best at low tide, get close to Pt. Conception and visit California wild.

Lesson: Intertidal Zone


Coronado Butterfly Preserve

Best in December and January, watch the butterflies gather as they soak up the sun and sit out the cold.

Lesson: Monarch Migration


Gaviota Hot Springs

Make this an outing on its own or part of the Gaviota Peak hike. Hidden on a little trail in an old sycamore grove.

Lesson: Geothermal Springs


Nojoqui Falls

Whether you cycle or drive here, walk up the trail, take a paddle on a hot day and do some journaling.

Lesson: Symbiosis