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By combining photos, pressed flowers and leaves, a bug’s wing and
a few scribbled notes in a scrapbook-style album, one can create a
fun but evocative outdoor journal. Human photos are welcome in this journal since the experience was a shared one, and that’s important
when it comes to learning, growing and connecting to nature.

Tips to get you going

- There is no right or wrong.
- Keep things simple and uncluttered.
This makes it easy but it also looks better.
- Introduce a more elaborate page every three or four.
- Don’t buy a truckload of supplies—this can complicate the start.
- Choose a topic. Focus on a field trip, a trail or a single species.
- Jot down your ideas, collect a few supplies and begin.


The first page

Choose a few pictures and/or objects after first selecting a focus for just
this page—it might be the start of the activity. Edit the poor, dark or blurry photos out. The nice part about scrapbooking is that you can cut a photo
up to remove distracting elements or crop it for best effect.

Aim to use between three and five photos related to the start of the event.
Serious scrapbookers might use just odd numbers of photos rather than even, while some will alternate odd and even from spread to spread.
Select one good photo/object as the focal point of the page.

Consider if there is there a logical place for the photos/objects, or a logical sequence. Add words, phrases, or a caption. Include a few extras, such as stickers or embellishments. You can also add color to the page with a background matte. Arrange all items first and then begin pasting.