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We invested at least a year in the development, filming, photography and design of this project. It started out as a labor of love with the purpose of serving families, homeschoolers, youth groups and kids in local schools, but it has grown into an ongoing project as we refresh the site and produce new content.


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The Journeys page provides an overview of all the activities in the program, also offering direct access through a single portal to each of 48 trails, outings and adventures, with 24 videos that show a family in action completing the adventure and/or lesson. At the bottom of this Payment page we have duplicated the Journeys portal page to provide a bit more detail about what you will get. We will also occasionally add to the videos as we able.


On the Conservation page you will find The Thin Red Line, a documentary movie we produced about the Western Snowy Plover breeding program. It's a heartfelt look at how conservation can succeed without closing the beach to local residents. There are also unit studies on the three predominant types of conservation: restoration, preservation and reconciliation, and an Educators Background PDF sheet.

Foot & Bill Guide
Nature Journal

On the Observation page we have how-to guides on Video Journaling, Backpack Photography, Scrapbooking and Nature Journaling. Each of these disciplines can form a sub-category unit-study, or they can be used as a way to enhance or extend environmental studies and adventure education. We also include some outside links to what experts in Nature Journaling offer, as well as a more advanced guide for a class to produce their own documentary video.


From this page you can download a gorgeous 55-page illustrated guide that contains 24 lessons which can be conducted on the various adventure outings. Each lesson lists desired progress, outcomes, vocab and assessments. You will also find an Educators Background in PDF format for download, which describes how the academic discipline of Environmental Education is expressed in this program, and a full-color guide to bird feeding morphology for Coal Oil Point Reserve.

Geocaching, hiking, biking, seakayaking, snorkeling, fitness, recreation, forts and swings and dykes - the list goes on and on. Available in PDF format you will find information on each of these - info that will start you out on your journey. Please keep in mind that if you lack experience in any of these activities, Santa Barbara is blessed with a number of good operators - most of whom we link to. And as on every page we include a ton of additional information.


Lore is a sculpture made by the hands of many generations. In time, exact dates and details might become less important than message and value. As we explore a taste of our bioregion’s lore it does at times feel like a butterfly stalk: now-you-see-it, now-you-don’t, but it also teaches us valuable lessons. We include three unit-studies: Otters, Oil and Oaks; multimedia; and a PDF on each of the Chumash, Spanish and Modern periods.

Below is a peak at some of the options you will find on the Journeys page. The links go to each of 48 adventures with exact directions, GPS waypoints, what you need to pack, and which lesson from the Education Guide accompanies the activity. You will also find 24 videos, which take you out on a trail.

Sea Kayaking Excursions

Seakayak Camp

Paddle El Capitan to Refugio, explore sea caves in the Channel Islands, snorkel or go geocaching ...

Cycling Excursions

Biking El Capitan

Geocache your way by bike to Goleta Beach, follow the Santa Ynez River or camp at Carpinteria ...

Hiking Excursions

Figuroa Hike

A morning stroll at Lake Cachuma, day hike up Gaviota Peak, or overnight backpack in San Rafael ...


Rambling at Nojouqi Falls

Citizen science at Tecolote Creek, Monarch magic at the butterfly preserve or a biobltz at Coal Oil Point ...


La Purisima Mission

Taking you into another world, connect with their programs, or visit as part of an excursion ...


Arroyo Hondo Preserve

Learn about restoration and conservation. Connect with a program or plan an activity at one of these ...