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Tab NOAA Lesson Plans.
Santa Barbara Watersheds brochure.
Tab Scientific Paper: Landscape and Wellbeing.
Tab California State 2008 Outdoor Recreation Plan.
Tab Article: Santa Barbara County Wine History.
Google EBook: The Basic Book of Sea Kayaking.
Tab Handbook: Ecological Regions of North America.
Tab Scientific Paper: Nature as arena for quality of life.
Tab Scientific Paper: The psychological importance of nature.
Tab Scientific Paper: The Concept of Environmental Education.
Tab IUCN Toolkit: Environmental Education and Communication.
Tab Scientific Paper: The use of wilderness to combat depression.
Tab Scientific Paper: Reconciliation Ecology and Species Diversity.
Tab Scientific Paper: Use of the wilderness travel simulation model.
Tab Professional Evaluation of the USFS Conservation Education Program.
Tab Handbook: Risk Management for Outdoor Programs in the Canadian context.
Tab Kaiser Family Foundation Study: Media use in children aged eight to 18 years.
Tab Scientific Paper: Improving Student Achievement through Environmental Education.
Tab Google EBook: Environmental Interpretation - A practical guide for people with big ideas.

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Field Guides
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Chumash Ethnobotany: Plant Knowledge Among
the Chumash People of Southern California
by Jan Timbrook, with watercolors, 2007.

Day Hikes Around Santa Barbara
by Robert Stone, 2010.

A Field Guide to Common Plants of the Santa Barbara Foothills and Southern California
by Hugh Margerum & David Powdrell, 2005.

Oaks of California by Bruce M. Pavlik, Pamela C. Muick, Sharon G. Johnson, Marjorie Popper, 2006.

A Flora of the Santa Barbara Region, California
by Clifton F. Smith, with photos by Dick Smith