A Sense of Insight ...


Local professionals share their perspectives ...

Our bioregion is rich not only because of its historical and cultural mosaic,
but because of the many people currently invested in environmental research, advocacy and education. With that in mind we invited a few to share their perspectives. What motivates their work, how have they connected to nature,
and what might their organizations offer those seeking to travel a similar path? Take time to read a few, or scan one before you visit their neck of the woods.


Advocacy, education and research ...

Whether an island educator who caught the bug as a schoolgirl, a lawyer
juggling advocacy and conservation, a director balancing programming and funding or a biologist overseeing research, the combined message of their narratives is perhaps more important than individual voice. We hope you
find it insightful, and want to say thank you to everyone for taking time to share
with us. Take a few moments to check out their education programs as well.

Karl Hutterer, PhD
Museum of Natural History


Karl is executive director of the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History.

Cris Sandoval, PhD
Coal Oil Point Reserve


Cris is director of UC Santa Barbara's Coal Oil Point Natural Reserve.

Jeff Kuyper, JD
Los Padres Forest Watch


Jeff is director of the Los Padres Forest Watch, a local conservation non-profit.

Laura Francis, MS
CI National Marine Sanctuary


Laura is education coordinator for the Channel Islands Marine Sanctuary.


Rich Block
Santa Barbara Zoo


Rich is executive director at the Santa Barbara Zoological Gardens.

Andy Lane
Cheadle Center for Biodiversity


Andy is an educator at Cheadle Center for Biodiversity & Restoration.

Holly Cline
Wildling Museum of Art


Holly is the director of communications for Wildling Art Museum in Los Olivos.

Andrew Madsen
Los Padres National Forest


Andrew is the information officer
for Los Padres National Forest.