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What is a Bioregion?



If our relationship to the land was similar to the early Chumash, would the San Rafael Mountains hold the same meaning for you as they do today—a distant ridgeline that you glance at while driving by? Have you considered where we live in a natural sense? The following might help ...

We live in Mediterranean California, an expanse of earth running along the coast from just north of San Francisco to Santa Barbara. East of us the North American Deserts stretch across portions of five states, and north of us the Northwestern Forested Mountains blanket northern California, western Oregon, Washington, Canada and parts of Alaska. These are known as ecoregions, large portions of earth that are identified not by political boundaries but by the life that colors their soil.


Tucked way down in the very heel of Mediterranean California is the
Central Coast Bioregion. What is a bioregion? A more intimate segment
of an ecoregion, some have called it a Life Place. Simply put, it’s home.

How far can you and the kids bike in a day, how large an area can a class become more intimately acquainted with while learning about its life systems or on a field trip? The answers to these questions are similar to those the Chumash had to come up with, and they helped outline a bioregion for this project. As to nature and its ways, the Chumash passed knowledge and information from generation to generation. At best, many modern families struggle to pass along an iPhone. The hope is that Hidden Corner would be able to alleviate this trend in our bioregion.