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Where Do I Start?

Heading Out


Where do I start?

1. Take time to review the site and get a feel for what it offers.
2. Visit the Education link to scan the environmental education guidebook.
3. Visit the Journeys link to review the activities listed.
4. Visit the Adventure link to scan the sections on technique and fitness.

How do I proceed?

The goal is to complete at least one activity per month for a year. Schedule a list of activities ahead of time or randomly choose one based
on how you feel on the day. Either way you will need to consider your ability
to sea kayak, bike or backpack, and take appropriate action.

Print out the environmental education guidebook, gather up your group’s nature journaling kit, camera and other gear, choose your first activity, navigate the educator’s background and hit the trail. You might like to complete the fitness program before doing so, or as you proceed.

Plan to do the environmental education lesson while on the trail or afterwards. Make use of the various educator’s essays and background articles to stimulate additional discussions or to prepare for a unit study.


What will I find on his website?

Twenty-five kayaking, hiking and cycling activities
Eighteen visits to local reserves and institutions
A selection of documentary videos
An environmental education guide containing a lesson for each activity
Technical guides to hiking, cycling, sea kayaking and physical fitness
Guides to nature journaling, photography, scrapbooking and videography
Links to snorkeling and geocaching
Educator’s background for a diverse range of related topics
Information on Nature-Deficit Disorder and Geoeducation
Opportunities to support local community efforts
Brief essays by local professionals

Take the plunge.

Select your activity, review the lesson, decide which trail you would like to do and head out. Plan to include an additional unit study using one of the theme articles every third or fourth activity. Include nature journaling on every outing and encourage participants to share and journal a Sparkle (high point or observation) and Farkle (low point or disappointment) for every outing.