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If you are using the program, we'd love to hear from you. Please send us a brief message using the form below to let us know how it's going. And it's always good to hear suggestions for improvement, so please feel free to contact us in that regard, or to share how the program is working for you. Also please 'Like' us on Facebook. This will allow friends to network, share experences and post videos, photos and comments about their trail experiences.

Thank you.

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Evaluating program strengths & weaknesses ...

Your input can help improve this program ...
Evaluation is an important part of environmental
and conservation education. We need to know
what's working and what could be improved. To
that end please take the time to click the link
below and complete the survey ...

Help our Research
Evaluating connections to nature ...

We are especially interested in how well the program connects participants to nature. A
survey has been designed to measure this, and
we would like to ask you to take a few moments
to complete it, and mail it back to us. For this to work we would need it done once before you
start and then after every five activities.

We would love to hear from anyone working their
way through the program in a systematic way,
or from a group planning to do just three to
five activities or trails ... Tab